No new page this week, and it’s all my (Chad) fault.  But c’mon, don’t be upset — look what JoJo did for you guys!  Is that not one the most gorgeous piece of horror-themed art you’ve ever seen?

And while you probably recognize at least three of the four characters featured above, you might be wondering who exactly that is in the bottom right.  We’re not telling just yet, but she’s been all over the last couple pages… in spirit, at least.

While I’ve been slacking off, JoJo’s been neck deep in being the best there is at what she does… and what she does is pretty damn great.  So while you’re waiting on things to get back on track over here, don’t miss out on the Awesome Hospital four-pager by JoJo and me (but mostly JoJo) — it’s RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT FREE LIKE!

Anarchy in the OR, Page 3

And again, sorry for the delay, PlusHeads.  But come back next Wednesday when things really start to take off.  Literally.